Global Solutions for Local Areas

An International Positive Local Economic Impact

Our unique onsite or local manufacturing of precast modules means that unlike other precast module manufacturers, we provide a positive local economic impact by investing in the local communities where we are building.

We hire a project specific local labor force, utilizing local subcontractors and other services, and purchasing supplies and equipment from local vendors.

In addition, our personnel become integrated and active members of the community during the project construction period, thus further stimulating the local economy.

Local Utilities & Services
Local Subcontractors
Local Staff Hired
Materials, Tools & Equipment Procured Locally

Global solutions with local connections…

With International Offices in...

  • Monterrey, Mexico
  • Lima, Peru
  • Dubai, UAE

As well as representatives around the globe, we have the local contacts and resources to help make your project a success – without geographic limitations.

RW Modular Solutions, LLC.