Mexico Federal PenitentiaryFinished Mexico Federal Penitentiary
Chiapas, MX

1,232 cells

Owner: Mexico Federal Government

Architect: Durrant

General Contractor: Arendal


The 1,232 cell project in Southern Mexico posed many challenges for the RW / Antares team. Located in a very remote, highly seismic area the team was dealing with primitive material and extreme heat conditions. This was one of the most technically challenging projects that RW has ever endured – but through team work, dedication, ingenuity, and patience the project turned out to be an enormous success!

Mario Rotondo said, “I am ecstatic at the spectacular success we have had on this project! Thanks to the hard work of all of our key RW people; the fantastic people from Arendal and Antares; and all of the local workers that were hired for the project. They are true, salt of the Earth hard workers, and we are lucky to have had them on the team!”